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Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
about everybody by overnight tonight. if you're south and east of the city, kind of that line of i- 95, then chances are you're probably going to get maybe a little light snow and then it will be going over to rain. look, for us this is not a big storm. it's going to become a fairly substantial storm once it gets offshore tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. it's going to bring a lot of snow to new england specifically, the coastal areas there really going to get hammered tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. our snow will arrive before sun rise. it starts coming overnight tonight. it is trending now. the new stuff is suggesting maybe a little less snow for d.c., looks like it may get a little more mix with rain by late morning tomorrow morning, early in the afternoon before it shuts off. most of the accumulation which is typical will be north and west. all precipitation will taper off by late in the day, fairly fast moving storm. we'll give you the specifics in the forecast for the new year and beyond coming up. >> thank you very much. >>> the snowflakes have not started falling yet, b
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
to fund new police officers through a city surplus. not as many as the mayor wants. they won't have the money to hire new officers with expected surplus. are they going to hurt the protection of folks in the city? >> i think they will. >> reporter: the most heated exchange came when marian barry called out white members n the council for not signing onto his exoffender bill. >> six white members out of seven oppose it. how do you explain it that not being racially divided? >> reporter: offended david fired back. >> the notion that we disagree are somehow labeled as insensitive because we disagree is really as i said a part of the vanity of stock and trade of a long bankrupt public servant who has long ago failed to offer constructive solution for the problems that afflict this city. i have had it. >> reporter: the two continued to exchange word. the council did approve a measure that will set aside a special fund for those hit hard by the flooding over the summer in bloomingdale. the downside is everyone's water bill could go up about $0.30 a month. >> matt, thank you. >>> now to th
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
flights up here. 3-mile visibility for the city. let's hope we can hang onto those good numbers through the night. meanwhile today's temperatures into the 50s and very close to these numbers, 54 degrees the 10:00 temperature at dulles. they've dropped down to 53 degrees now, 54 still for the district. it looks like we've gone up. it looks like quantico popped up a bit, too. obviously very mild tonight, fredericksburg 57 and all this because of a frontal boundary to our west pushing warmer air ahead of it and cooler air behind it as you can see with pittsburgh down to 46, chicago 32 and detroit at 40. for usen cold tonight, mainly -- us not cold tonight, mainly in the 40s. tomorrow we'll see the showers out of here. the rest of the night we'll call for scattered showers and then maybe areas of fog be back in with a dense fog advisory slated to go till 6 a.m. i do think the fog is gone by the morning commute and the showers are gone. that's because the front will be through the area. winds will start to pick up. we should see our temperature hitting 58 degrees, although it might not feel
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3